About us

Launched in 2007, NK Computers was the first one-of-its kind Electronics specialist retail store that catered to all multi-brand digital gadgets and home electronic needs. Over a decade, NK Computers has been among the crowd for all electronics needs, with its tech-savvy staff, product range and will to serve customers.


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NK Computers deals with all types of Computer Products and Accessories of various brands with quality assurance.

Brand NKCS stands for – Technology for life; the promise is based not just on the products but also the value they offer to a customer. Our range is a perfect fit, for those who desire a completely branded and quality assured products. Our Product range includes all types of computer accessories such as Laptops, Monitors, Audio Devices, Keyboards, Mouse, SSD, Graphics cards, PC Cabinets, Memory, Cables, Printers etc.

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We have been serving in Bengaluru, India for over 10 years. In these years, we have served over 10,000 customers with quality products. We have turned our organisation to one of the best providers in current market. 

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